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The Indo Board Balance Trainer is the most versatile balance board product available in the market today. Originally designed for surf balance training in the 1970’s by surfer Hunter Joslin, the product’s simplicity has enabled it to become a truly multifunctional fitness tool – Most importantly it is FUN!
Hunter Joslin, Indo Board inventor, getting Indo it ..If you can't go outdoor..Go INDO!

From Indo Board's beginnings as way to practice surfing balance and technique on dry land - to the global spread of all board sports, Indo Board is the balance board used by champions world wide.
Indo Board Europe is based in the U.K. with a distribution network across Europe. Our list of distributors can be found HERE.

Whatever your motivation for using the Indo Board, the end result is the same; increased core strength, leg strength and balance coordination. The Indo Board product continues to evolve and the list of exercise moves and enjoyable tricks that can be performed is perpetually growing.

It’s up to you to decide how far you take it!


"Just to say a massive thank you for such good customer service! Really appreciate it.
Big statement coming up, but think the board is the best thing I have brought this year...I've been using it for exercise and also balance improvement as I ski at a high level and wanted to try a different way in doing boring squats haha.
Thanks again!
Best Regards
Joseph Hallmark
BBA  |  MBA Finance
May I take this opportunity to express my thanks for the efficient completion of my recent order.

From order to delivery in just over 24 hours, very impressed with both the product and speed of service.

Many thanks indeed, regards
Phil Jesson
Just to let you know that the board has just arrived!

Fantastic service.

Looking forward to having some fun later.

Thanks again.
ColinC. Venters
Thankyou very much, You are an awesome company. Will keep recommending yo guys. Core -Balance is an essential piece of the puzzle to finding that perfection. I use for tennis strength and conditioning. Its been really helpful, to clients that really want to feel the exercises, but have not got that motor skill to stay central.

Other balance you may be keen to look at is the bosu, and the Core-tex. Whats really great about your products is that its affordable to the home market . Every gym should have one.

Keep up the great work  and Thanks again for sending me another cushion.
Indo Board Europe will be donating 1% of our online retail net sales for 2018 to Surfrider Europe and Marine Conservation Society UK.
Plastics and oil-based products are hard to eliminate from modern life but too much disposable plastic is ending up on the beaches and in our seas. 
We at IndoEurope are trying to reduce our environmental impact by supporting these charities who are working to “turn back the plastic tide” that is threatening to destroy this planet’s marine environments. This year is the start but we hope to continue our support into the future.