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The design of the BAREFOOT deck graphic is intended to make it easier to understand how to use the Indo Board FLO. The different lines and the feet drawn on the deck help us with more accurate and safe foot placement.  Perfect for fitness training ,rehab or stand up desks! (Includes Deck, IndoFLO Cushion,Fitness Chart, Keyring & Demo DVD)
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The Indo Mini Original is a smaller version of the Indo Original deck design.It is 5cm shorter than the Original Model and it comes with a smaller roller. *Can be used by beginners and advanced. Easy to start on as the small roller is lower to the ground. GREAT FOR KIDS. Includes FREE keyring & demo DVD.
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The Indo Mini Original Pack is a smaller version of the Indo Original Training Pack.  This Package can be a gentle introduction into using a balance board. . As the roller is smaller, thus a shorter distance from the floor, it can be a less intimidating way to use the roller. Free Fitness Chart, Keyring and demo DVD provided.
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The Indo Original FLO GF features an all wood board with a large Indo Man logo on a fully textured deck and the IndoFLO Balance Cushion. The Original Indo Board and IndoFLO cushion is a mini gym in the comfort of your living room!  Perfect for fitness training, rehab or stand up desks! (Includes Mini original or Original deck, IndoFLO cushion.,Fitness...
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The Indo Board "logo" Carpet is a cool compliment to your Indo Board experience that has been extensively tested to work with any Indo Board. The construction of this carpet has been researched to provide a slightly padded boarding surface for all our balance trainers. Size 90 x 150 cm. 
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