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By adding some accessories, you can enhance your home workout with the Indo Board
Adrian Roldan
By jumping on an Indo Board between tasks you can avoid procrastinating.
Adrian Roldan
During the COVID-19 lock down, Indo Board can be a great way to keep your spirits in tip top shape.
Adrian Roldan
Jun 10 2019

Graystone Action Sports and Indo Board

"We are super stoked to partner with Indo Board. It's the perfect training facility for everyone that comes through the doors at Graystone from total beginners to the best athletes in the world. When not shredding the park, big air or super trampoline, the Indo Boards provide a great all-training tool for beginners to build confidence on a board, experts to hone their skills further and we are also using them in our fitness centre as part of core strength workouts. Within minutes of the Indo Boards arriving on site we had the likes of UK superstar snowbaorder Mia Brookes and young Manchester skater Leo James hooked, trying new tricks and skills from the get go!"
Harry Mitchell Thompson
Marketing, Media & Partnerships