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We want to share a selection of short videos to make you Indo Board better and safer. Stay @ home ..GET INDO IT!
Adrian Roldan
Thank you to ALL Hospital Workers and Carers for your wonderful service!
Adrian Roldan
Check out this epic Indo Board trick on Instagram.... 
Adrian Roldan
Mar 29 2020

Boost home working productivity with Indo Board

Struggling to maintain your focus wile working at home? A balance board can help you optimise your productivity.

While working at home, I'm finding it's a real challenge to switch between tasks when I'm at the computer. Instead of getting sucked into a new vortex or a social media scroll lock, jumping on an Indo Board for a few seconds helps me clear my mind of the previous task to reset for the next one.

A balance trainer engages the part of the brain associated with proprioception - or body awareness. This micro-mindful activity helps wipe the slate clean and can steer you away from procrastinating.

And it's fun!