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"We are super stoked to partner with Indo Board. It's the perfect training facility for everyone that comes through...
Adrian Roldan
It just keeps getting better. Join the INDO BOARD experience! 
Adrian Roldan
2% of all Sea Turtle net sales benefit turtle conservation work by MCS.
Adrian Roldan

Monthly Archives: June 2016

Lanzarote Indo Surf Camp #ISC016

"Some places in the world are special...have you ever heard about the Lanzarote Effect?"

Join our Italian team on the 12 to the 20 of novembre 2016, in the Indo Surf Camp Special course with Nicola Cerciello!

Summer is finally here!

If you are planning a trip to Devon and Cornwall for some waves or even just a fun road trip, have a stop at one of our Indo Board Demo centres.  

Balance is the key to better surfing, swimming, SUPing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and most important it is fun for the whole family.