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Adrian Roldan
Adrian Roldan
Adrian Roldan
Jul 19 2016

Paddle Watersports Week End

Ever thought the beach lifestyle of California and West Wittering could be compared?  Well think again...

last Saturday and Sunday was as perfect a beach weekend as could be imagined.
Shore Watersports Demo weekend was a perfect blend of sunshine, soft breezes, cristal clear water and all the equipment any beach enthusiast could want to try.
Indo Boards were right  in the centre of the all the action with just about everyone under the age of 90 having a try on an Indo Board.  
All watersports need good balance and the fastest way, along with the most fun, is to practice on the Indo Board.  
Nicola Cerciello, the Indo Board master trainer came along with "Jade" and "Archie" on Sunday for an exciting demonstration of skill along with tips for anyone who is wanting to get fitter for their sport - or just for the FUN of it.  
After all,  the Indo Boards are fun for everybody!