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"The Indo Board turns your workday into a workout"

The Indo Standing Desk Balance Board is the most versatile standup desk accessory to complement your own Stand Up Desk Work Station. The Indo Board Original Deck and IndoFLO cushion combination is designed to stimulate the mind and activate your body, standing while working at your desk. Recent studies have proven that standing at a workstation, on an unstable surface, is beneficial because it helps you burn calories, thereby increasing your energy and alertness. The result is a happier, healthier and more productive workplace or classroom.

Health and Work Benefits

Sitting for long periods, day in and day out, is bad for your health! Studies have shown that sitting is the new smoking.

Using the Indo Board Standing Desk Balance Board activates the core and balance stabilizing system while you work which burns calories, improves posture and increases productivity.

Active standing during meetings boosts the excitement around creative group processes and keeps people more engaged and alert. 


Time to take a stand, for our bodies and our brains!

I’m a deep-sea biologist and although I spend some of my time at sea and working on my feet, I spend far more time rooted to my desk on land writing up my research. The switch from the two modes of work can leave my back vulnerable to injury, which is why I try to do as much of my desk work on my feet and on my Barefoot indo Board and cushion. This keeps my back and core muscles engaged and conditioned and helps me make that transition from desk to field work without the risk of damage.

 Dr C. Nicolai Roterman. University of Oxford.


“99.999% of people in an office sit as a given, we were designed to stand not sit, the new Indo Board “Barefoot” takes standing to another level. Stepping off my “Barefoot” feels like stepping onto dry land after a day at sea. “

Dee Caldwell – (SOLITE wetsuit boots & Former Free Style Windsurfing World Champion)


Studies have shown that sitting is the new smoking and 
cuts off our circulation as we sit at the computer. (Source)

“Everyone here comes from a sports background so things can get pretty competitive on the Indo Board. They’re especially useful in creative meetings or on long conference calls. An absolute essential for all creative agencies!!”

 Daniel Macaulay- Managing Director -


“After my back operation for a prolapsed disk, I was told that I should stand at my desk. The Indo “Barefoot” pushes the boundaries of standing as well as enabling me to keep my lower back engaged and strengthening my core which is key to a healthy back.”

 Craig Chennell - Team Manager- O’Neill Wetsuits Ltd


The IndoFLO cushion is perfect as a Standup Desk platform
that allows for constant movement below your feet for a great workplace workout.


The Indo Board SUD Pack gives the user 360 degrees of instability that is fully adjustable which allows for an easy progression from barely unstable to dramatically unstable. This creates many options depending upon the amount of instability and movement the user desires by simply adding or removing air from the cushion.  This adjustment typically takes just a few seconds and requires no tools or pumps. 

The IndoFLO Cushion can inflate or deflate to suit your instability level.  
The range of motion increases the more you inflate the cushion.



More Information 

The American Medical Association recognizes sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to personal health and recommends standing work places and for schools to offer alternatives to sitting. (Source)

According to Smithsonian Magazine, some of the benefits of a standing workstation includes reduced risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. (Source)

Standing (versus sitting) helps burn extra calories, increases blood flow and metabolism, improves posture and increases mental focus. (Source)

There have also been interesting studies on the impact of standing up in the classroom. A study conducted by Texas A&M University found, with the implementation of standing desks, all students showed an increase in focus, while children with ADHD showed an increased attention span, and all children lowered their risk of obesity. (Source)

According to Dr. John Buckley, standing 3-4 hours a day at work can burn up to 750 extra calories in a day, translating to 30,000 extra calories burnt in a year, which is the equivalent of running ten marathons a year. (Source)

How much sitting can you safely do in a day? In the study, women who were inactive for 11 or more hours a day fared the worst, facing a 12% increase in premature death, but even lesser amounts of inactive time can cause problems. “Once you’re sitting for more than 6 to 8 hours a day, that’s not likely to be good for you,” Dr. Manson says. You want to avoid prolonged sitting and increase the amount of moderate or vigorous exercise you do each day, she adds. (Source)

Sedentary lifestyles increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. “For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking.” ~ Martha Grogan, Cardiologist, Mayo Clinic (Source)

“We at Men’s Fitness officially endorse the standing desk. Not only does working standing up not overtax the brain, it has the added benefit of burning 80–100 calories an hour, improving blood flow, alleviating back pain, strengthening muscles, and actually boosting productivity. “The health benefits are probably even greater than the data already suggests,” says James Levine, M.D., Ph.D., a lead researcher on the PLOS ONE study and author of Get Up! Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It”.  (Source)

Work Benefits

Standing during meetings boosts the excitement around creative group processes and reduces people's tendency to defend their turf. (Source)

While standing, you feel a sense of urgency, which causes you to be focused on the completion of tasks. This works ideally when you're working with tasks where you know what the outcome should be, and it's just a matter of completing it. (Source)

Something about standing keeps me more engaged. My mind wanders less and for some reason I feel a bit more energized to work even though in reality my legs are fairly tired. So what gives? It is a question I’ve been pondering even before I setup my standing desk. When I was working with a pair of guys who had standing desks I always found myself more effective standing at their desks. Standing somehow always seemed to motivate my senses in some way. –Alan Hendry (Source)

If there is a movement toward ergonomic diversity and upright work in the information age, it will also be a return to the past. Today, the diligent worker tends to be defined as a person who puts in long hours crouched in front of a screen. But in the 19th and early 20th centuries, office workers, like clerks, accountants and managers, mostly stood. Sitting was slacking. And if you stand at work today, you join a distinguished lineage — Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin, and Winston Churchill. (Source)

School Benefits

As part of a small but growing movement in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota that many teachers say is bound to gain popularity elsewhere, several schools are experimenting with their physical learning environments by incorporating stand-up workstations in the classroom. Anecdotally, teachers have reported positive results after freeing their kids from the confines of “feet flat on the floor” and “no rocking!” — greater attentiveness, fewer behavioral problems, better posture and more enthusiasm. Kids who are habitually fidgety or who suffer from attention disorders appear to show the most improvement, teachers say. (Source)


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