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Balance training is at our core.  From the first proto-type in 1975 to train surfers out of the water until today, the Indo Board enjoys the distinction of being the most recognizable brand of balance trainers in the Action and Board Sports industries. The Indo Board Balance Trainers have become increasingly popular as a tool for improving balance and for proprioceptive conditioning in all types of athletes. 

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If you are serious about cross training for your particular boardsport, then Indo Board is the ideal devise that can be used if you are new to a sport or if you are already an expert.  Leg strength and balance are the most overlooked physical necessities when doing any boardsport.  

Improve these areas and you will benefit with better athletic performance.

Balance training has been shown to reduce the incidence of injuries.  The role of balance training in maintaining joint stability is an excellent form of rehabilitation for injuries to ankle, knee, hips, back and upper body. 

Simplicity is the key.  One Indo Board with one roller and one IndoFLO cushion- the Training Pack, is all you need to open up unlimited options of exercises for the novice to advanced levels. Each Training Pack comes with a free Exercise poster illustrating exercises for everyone.


Indo Board continues to expand into the Health and Fitness Industry as an excellent tool for training clients ranging from young to old that are looking for a new, innovative, safe and a FUN way to improve their balance, postural awareness, stability, agility, coordination and core strength.  

We are proud to have endorsements from countless Olympic Medalists, World Champions, and other elite athletes in virtually every sport.

There is no better way to train or to have fun.  If you can't go outdoors - go indoors with Indo Board.

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