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For Advanced Riders only. The Kicktails come in two sizes. The Kicktail Pro and Mini Kicktail. These are for those riders wanting to do ollies, finger flips, shuvit 360's, caspers and many other skateboard related tricks. The Kicktails have no stops on the bottom. They are tons of fun.  
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The Indo Board "logo" Carpet is a cool compliment to your Indo Board experience that has been extensively tested to work with any Indo Board. The construction of this carpet has been researched to provide a slightly padded boarding surface for all our balance trainers. Size 90 x 150 cm. 
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The Indo Carry Bag is the perfect travel accessory to help transport and protect your Indo Board Balance Trainer. There is plenty of extra room for workout clothes, yoga mats,stretch bands, water bottles, or other favorite gear...
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