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Adrian Roldan
Adrian Roldan
Adrian Roldan
Feb 05 2016

ISPO Munich 16' Round-up

Warm weather across Europe, but that did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the best winter ISPO show for Indo Board Europe.  More winter sportsmen and women are using our balance board to better their style, endurance and technique than ever.   

We are extremely happy to welcome one of Germany’s most famous female snowboarders to our team - Anke Karstens.  Anke won silver at the Sochi Olympic games in 2014 in Women’s Snowboard Parallel Slalom. 
Anke has a few weeks to go until the next big competition and with not much snow on the ground, she is breaking up her training routine with lots of balance exercises on her new Indo Board Mini Pro Package.
Into Board is not all hard training - as  we had Indo Board Team Riders, Emmanuel Breiter and Nicola Cerciello performing the most extreme tricks imaginable. Hunter, Indo Board inventor and Guido Virguli from Indo Board Italia,  gave onlookers a treat with more challenging manoeuvres in the”tricks challenge".  
Lots of laughs and lots of new friends like Mirko photographed here with Nicola.
To celebrate on the final night we all went to the local greek restaurant - had great food and some ouzo.
Great times and a terrific show.
Bring on ISPO 17’.
Adriano Roldan
(MD) Into Board Europe
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