IndoFLO® Gigante Cushion

IndoFLO® Gigante Cushion

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  • 60 cm diameter - inflates to 30cm high
  • For the Pro and Mini Pro models, or surfboards/SUPs
  • Mouth inflatable valve system
  • Recommended inflation height is 12 to 22 cm
  • Deck does not slide or roll on the cushion
  • Supports up to 200kgs
  • A great addition to your home workout equipment
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The IndoFLO® Gigante was originally conceived as a great traveling accessory for competitive surfers to get an essential warm-up before surfing. The possibilities are endless for training applications by simply placing any Indo Board deck or a surfboard/SUP on top of the cushion and keeping the board from touching the ground.

Surf Schools will also find this to be an excellent on the beach teaching tool, as the Giganté helps with pop-ups and paddling instruction as well as stance and posture training.