What is the Indo Board?

The Indo Board Balance Trainer is the most versatile balance board product available in the market today. Originally designed for surf balance training in the 1970’s by surfer Hunter Joslin, the product’s simplicity has enabled it to become a truly multifunctional fitness tool. Most importantly it is FUN!

From Indo Board's beginnings as a way to practice surfing balance and technique on dry land - to the global spread of all board sports, Indo Board is the balance board used by champions world wide.

Whatever your motivation for using the Indo Board, the end result is the same; increased core strength, leg strength and balance coordination. But this Indo Board can be so much more than a core fitness trainer. Integrate it with other equipment to fully exercise your upper body and lower body and make it a one stop shop for your home exercise needs.

The Indo Board product continues to evolve and the list of exercise moves and enjoyable tricks that can be performed is perpetually growing.

It’s up to you to decide how far you take it!

Hunter Joslin, Indo Board inventor, getting Indo it!

If you can't go outdoor..Go INDO!