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We are excited to have Indo Boards being used for FUN and Fitness at Errant Surf Camps across Europe. "We received...
Adrian Roldan
Best Wishes to team rider, Anke Woehrer (Karstens) @Winter Olympics! 
Adrian Roldan
As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Brandnew, we are proud and honoured to be featured at the WALK...
Adrian Roldan
Feb 10 2017

Indo Board, the ORIGINAL Balance board - since 1998 @ ISPO Munich 2017.

Indo Boardthe ORIGINAL Balance board - since 1998.

As usual, we had a great show. The Indo Board stand had a huge amount of interest from people

in the industry as well as professional sport athletes.

"In this new age of fitness awareness, the notion of balance training is essential, particularly in board sports utilising the core muscles"

HUNTER JOSLIN Founder-Inventor of the Indo Board.

The new Barefoot Poster / flyer was a great success making the Barefoot Training Pack

our show's best seller. 

We have come away some new and excellent ideas to work on for the future.

Watch this space!