Priofit grid art

Priofit grid art

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  • Smaller version of the Indo Original deck design, with smaller roller
  • Great for all skill levels, especially kids
  • Versatile for advanced tricks
  • Perfect for travelling: fits more easily in a car or camper van
  • Includes a FREE Indo Fitness chart
  • PRICE is final, we pay all taxes.


This is a scaled down version of the Original board and roller, ideally suited for people of smaller stature and children aged 4-12. As a more compact set up with a 5 cm shorter deck and a narrower roller, the Mini Original board and roller is perfect for being taken on adventures and will fit more easily in the back of a car, or in a camper van. 


72 cm x 38 cm birch plywood deck
13 cm diameter mini roller
100 kg maximum weight limit